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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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Add Blogger calendar date format options

My Blogger calendar doesn't allow for any other date formatting options than beautiful ISO YYYY-MM-DD dates (mostly since I wrote it for my own blog, and only coincidentally also wrote a tutorial on how to use it in your own).

Yes, I admit to also subconsciously, maybe even consciously, whoop at the thought of spreading the use of a date format that is not susceptible to misinterpretation, such as two-digit years, and the horrible DD/MM and MM/DD formats used by Britons and Americans, or Americans and Britons. Or whomever else use whichever of those formats, for that matter; they are Evil! Begone! (Out! Out! You demons of stupidity!)

A bit later on, I actually wrote up a rather ambitious date parsing routine for another (more benevolent) article I wrote, on how to add previous and next date links to Blogger blogs, which would be able to serve the same purpose in a future Calendar article, if I wrote one.

Maybe I should start by making myself more easily susceptible to reader bribery.


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