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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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Automated comment trackback tool

My previously proposed semi-automated publish trackback tool needs a sister: the similarly semi-automated comment trackback tool. Once you write a comment somewhere that links to other pages, that page ought to get a trackback ping, if it has a trackback URI, to make the web better interconnected. Links on the web are not both ways by default yet, but trackbacks try to mend that misdesign, when we want them to be -- and that should be encouraged. Tools help with such things. This would be a useable means to that end.

I don't care that Blogger has another solution, which could fill the same function for the specific case of Blogger blogs equipped with backlinks lists; the tool is useful in the wide scope of alerting people anywhere when others bring perspective, new ideas and / or thoughts to the mix -- trackbacks are good. Let's make them better and easier to use.

And why not couple this with a bookmarklet that lets you mark a section of text in a page, run the bookmarklet, and perform the trackback scanning of pages linked in that bit of text (or other markup), to show a context menu much like Book Burro's where you can tick the pages you want to trackback ping from the present location. While at it. That would be a truly worthy hack. (Or Greasemonkey menu command, if that's your preference. I personally find them a bit unwieldy as accessibility goes, though.)

Feed curiosity. Make it easier for others to hear your own ideas making out with theirs. That is mostly what creative cross pollination is all about. And it's good.


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