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Thursday, December 01, 2005

FeedBurner traffic history Greasemonkey visualizer

For pages that link to Feedburner for subscriptions (and/or shows a subscription count c/o Feedburner), it would be lots of fun to have a Greasemonkey script that graphs the blog traffic in a little canvas widget somewhere on the page (bottom right corner?) for blogs with the FeedBurner Awareness API turned on.

Details to be decided, but I think a mix of graphing the past week with some precision, offering more rough "past month" details, some less still precision for the past year, and perhaps something to give a rough idea of for how long the blog has been online and tracked by FeedBurner at all. Here is a peek into Micropersuasion's traffic logs; I believe it started tracking via FeedBurmer on July 9, 2004, judging by the statistics.

Maybe a good visualization would even sport some time navigation -- that way, it would probably be good enough just picking a month at a time and a day per month a year back from the focused month range (and perhaps one date per month forward too?). Add a bit of caching to that, to be nice to FeedBurner, and we have a quality hack.


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