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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Foldable Blogger comments

I have seemed to attract quite a few long in-depth comments, which is good. My blog template, however, isn't -- at least not for catering these. A better style would be (in javascript enabled browsers) to

  • fold the comments,

  • or better still, all comments already seen on prior visits (2005-12-22 addition),

  • until clicking the "comments" link, or an arrow icon next to it.

  • This brings up -- in the event of a single comment: the comment, properly unfolded.

  • In the event of many comments: a list of all commentee names, the dates and times they were written, and why not how many paragraphs the comment body holds (split innerHTML on /(<br>){2,}/i, and the length length property will hold the number of paragraphs).

  • Add little fold/unfold arrows, just like the backlinks,

  • and a fold/unfold all arrow for the Comments header.


Blogger Singpolyma said...

As I'm sure you've noticed, this is mostly how my blog words, except for the folding each comment into a commentor name... my code is taken from the blogger hacks section of the help, but I need to update it to a more reasonable code, since the way it works is kind of ugly


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