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This blog is about unimplemented ideas. At least until they get ticked off; I suppose a few eventually will have implementations too, but fresh posts never will. Because that's the primary purpose of this blog: keeping track of ideas I'd like to dive into, or problems I'd like to see solved. Feel free to join me in implementing, or further developing these ideas. I don't mind working solo, but it's a whole lot more fun working in concert!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Template fixes for Some Assembly Required

  • For <ul>...<li class="done"> items, add an "implemented!" checkmark.

  • Should we have a common tag set across all our posts? (Then fix that.)

  • Johan's tag links are broken at the moment, throughout most post pages; fix.

  • The contributor name in the post footer should be a link, either to blogger our profiles or to our tech blogs.

  • It's really annoying that post titles are not links to the post permalink; fix that.

  • Make external links linked by icon, similar to the solution at ecmanaut.

  • Presently, we use the standard comments page for commenting this blog. Stephen prefers the popup comment page, I prefer leaving such choices to the reader. Would it be possible to support both, in some fashion that would be intuitive? Shift click the comment link for popup coupled with a title attribute stating that? (Still not changed anywhere but on the item pages; could it be done nicely elsewhere too?)

  • Implement Stephen's blogger comments feed hack.

  • Add an accessKey=E to the first post edit button shown in each page, as at ecmanaut.

  • Similarly add a "write new post" link to every page (hidden to normal viewers as the edit button) and give it an accessKey=N.

  • Clean up the authors section in the top of the page, as per previous discussion (blog links, et cetera).


Blogger Singpolyma said...

I assume that the logic in having our names link to our homepages is that the blogger profile links are already present in the header? I suppose that makes sense... but I'm not sure my homepage is worth linking to... although perhaps I could fix that (perhaps)... dunno... I'll keep thinking about it...

Blogger Johan Sundström said...

Now that you mention it, I notice I didn't quite implement it to specs, even though I thought I did; Blogger holds both homepage and profile links among the template tags and I didn't notice picking the wrong one. Whether it might have become better or worse, I'm not quite sure either. Maybe you should set your homepage setting to point to your Tagalag profile?

There is not much logic to it, as it is now, really, but maybe all three links would be useful in either location in the template? We have some more thinking to do. :-)

Blogger Singpolyma said...

Could you also implement my new blogger comments feed hack ( to some assembly? I could then subscribe to the feed and it would save you the trouble of forwarding comments on my posts to me manually.

Blogger Johan Sundström said...

Excellent idea, and feel very free to cut'n'paste together a version of it based on your own blog and mail it to me? Chances are I'll be very slow on upgrades the time just ahead of us (I'm going to visit my girlfriend in the other end of the country for a while during the holiday season), but I will at least have network connectivity and be able to swap templates if needed.

I added it to the list above, though, so it can be ticked off when it's done. Can you edit the post too or is that locked up behind Blogger access restrictions?


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