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Friday, December 16, 2005

Tagged OPML to navbar topic links

An OPML list of feeds can have a set of tags added to each feed, for instance for making topic navigation easier in your feed reader -- Google Reader, for instance. Given a (well kept) OPML feed, with quality tags for good feeds you would want to recommend on your site, it should be a rather simple thing, autogenerating a navigation bar of feed links, broken down by topic.

Unfortunately the OPML feed does not provide both feed and blog URLs, at least not those exported from Google Reader, so it is just half way to a site navigation panel of related sites, but it is a start, and the missing bits would probably be easy enough to pick out of each feed linked. ATOM feeds, for instance, seem to have a nice /link[@rel="alternate"][@href] attribute that should be a good pick for such links.


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