Some assembly required

This blog is about unimplemented ideas. At least until they get ticked off; I suppose a few eventually will have implementations too, but fresh posts never will. Because that's the primary purpose of this blog: keeping track of ideas I'd like to dive into, or problems I'd like to see solved. Feel free to join me in implementing, or further developing these ideas. I don't mind working solo, but it's a whole lot more fun working in concert!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Templateize el Burro

The Book Burro user script, besides being a very cool hack for the functionality it provides, is also a very good base for making other very cool hacks for context sensitive popups, not necessarily about books. If we pulled out all the code that handles book stores, and just leave the bare bones clickable menu you can fill with some kind of content, and slap on a nice API onto that to cook your own * Burros, with logos and feature sets of their own.

So, let's do that.