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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Graphic Emote Greasemonkey Script

Doing graphic emoticons on Blogger is possible. I've done it on my personal blog since I started. What I do is simple -- I write the post normally, as if useing text-emotes, and then go back through the code when I'm done and manually change them all to something like :
<img src="" class="emote" alt=";)" />
which works just fine. Why do I use Xanga emoticons? Well, despite how ugly they are, I prefer them to text-emotes. If I found another service with easily-accesible emote images I might switch to using them.

The idea, then, is to make a greasemonkey script that runs on clicking 'Publish Post' and automatically goes through and replaces certain emote strings ( ;), :), :D, :P, etc ) to the appropriate image-tag code.


Blogger Jasper said...

You could my Blogger Markdown script to copy the code to add a button to the toolbar


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