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This blog is about unimplemented ideas. At least until they get ticked off; I suppose a few eventually will have implementations too, but fresh posts never will. Because that's the primary purpose of this blog: keeping track of ideas I'd like to dive into, or problems I'd like to see solved. Feel free to join me in implementing, or further developing these ideas. I don't mind working solo, but it's a whole lot more fun working in concert!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Make real link of Blogger details... URLs

When publishing a post at Blogger, you get a view much like this:

Your blog published successfully. (Show details ...)

Files published... 100%


These paths are not links to these pages; let's make them. I have some of the base code covered already in my commentblogging scriptlet (it parses the stuff to make one link at the bottom of the page; should be a snap, adding links to all of them, while at it.

Completed! It became part of my somewhat larger Blogger publish ping and categorizer tool, since I'm trying to lay low on making multiple scripts for the same page, and this tool already addressed that page. (The reasoning behind this is that in Greasemonkey 0.6.3 and earlier, the user interface does not scale usability wise to more than about 30 scripts, and I'm pushing that threshold rather hard myself. 0.6.4 will be a saviour!)


external link

Add link love to Blogger comments script

Write a Greasemonkey user script which scours through Blogger blog post pages (http://**) for comments whose comment body contains one or more links with the rel=nofollow attribute. To each of these posts, add an icon (<3) which, when clicked, kicks off a GM_xmlhttpRequest for the Blogger edit post page (, parsing the comment body and removing the REL=NOFOLLOW, before posting the comment back to Blogger again. Upon successful completion, remove the icon from the page.

Additional points awarded for slowly pulsating the icon while busy with the net traffic (code available here).

A more detailed discussion on the topic.

Google Analytics Greasemonkey spy script

Here's a useless idea that struck me: people use Google Analytics to spy on their visitors. It's quite possible to spy back, finding out which sites are tied to the same Google account. Oh, lookie -- this site has one too. (However did that happen? :-) Each new site using it gets a var _uacct = "UA-[account id]-[site id]"; "cookie" which is used to identify the statistics data flow back to Google.

So by gathering up these cookies, tying them to the site they were found at, eventually you will be able to detect which sites are tied to the same account.

Given this much text to explain the thought, it suddenly feels like a very silly idea, but what the heck, this place is for ideas first, filtering and/or implementation later anyway. Perhaps I ought to invite a slew of other idea generators here too, by the way?